Inspiring the Next Generation
A successful four year run with Mischa Barton as spokesmodel had introduced the brand to a whole new generation of consumers. By Fall of 2008, Keds was ready to jump into the digital fray by tapping into the target market's passion for self-expression and online community. Shifting its focus from print to online media, the company looked to new technologies and established social networking channels to market the brand's products. The cornerstone of the new strategy was a partnership with Zazzle, an on-demand retail platform, to introduce the first ever "built from scratch" user-spec'ed footwear to feature user-generated graphics.
Introduce the concept of customized Keds footwear and engage users in the creative process. Redesign to feature the newly developed "Keds Studio" brand concept while supporting existing ecommerce and corporate marketing content. Ensure a seamless, branded user experience for the Zazzle-powered customization process and drive traffic and demand via social networking channels.
solution was redesigned to engage site visitors and drive traffic to a new Keds Studio landing page where a rich user experience generates excitement for the product, demonstrates how the process works, and provides inspiration. Creative assets and styles developed for Zazzle templates create a branded experience for the customization interaction. Additionally, a "white label" Facebook page and online ads inviting Keds fans to "Unleash your inner artist" generate traffic and buzz for the newly positioned brand.
  • Creative direction and client relations
  • Brand extension strategy
  • Concept development
  • Interface design oversight
  • Interface development oversight
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