A Walk in the (Dog) Park
Social Networking in Fur (Snif) is a wearable computer device for dogs that allows pet owners to monitor their pets through both their activities and their social interactions. SnifTags augment pet ownership with technology that enables pet owners to network, or "petwork," through their pets, encouraging not only pet-to-pet, but owner-to-owner interaction.
The primary goal of the SnifLabs project was to bring the SnifTag to market by creating a web-based user interface to display the data collected by the physical tag and facilitate the creation of a robust network of SnifTag users. Additionally, a marketing site was needed to increase awareness of the SnifTag, generate buzz around its launch, and drive sales of SnifTags and base stations.
The site's architecture accommodates private user data and member features to support the product's activity monitoring and networking capabilities as well as public content and functionality to market and sell the product.

Combining both complex real-time and historical data and social networking features, the site's interface presents a fresh visual approach and displays data so that it can be easily understood and manipulated. A straight-forward visual design system was developed and dynamic Flash components were created to facilitate real-time manipulation of data, enhancing the products usability.

The interface and Flash components were designed to work seamlessly with the SnifTags' stored and dynamically generated data, utilizing XML, Ruby-on-Rails, and ActionScript to display content and real-time and historical data.

Through a rigorous product development and design process, Snif Labs has brought a technologically innovative product to fruition (the system is currently in Beta release). The product's web-based interface leverages emerging technologies to create an unparalleled user experience.
  • Creative direction and client relations
  • Brand extension strategy
  • Functional definition (product interface)
  • Information architecture / interaction design oversight
  • Visual interface design
  • Flash production oversight
Snif Tag