Rediscover Cool
Keds knows a thing or two about classic, casual style. Keeping the brand up-to date requires tapping into each generation's style icons to help redefine what's fashionable. Enter Mischa Barton, star of television's The OC and the "coolest girl in Hollywood." The actress signed on to help Keds connect with a young, celebrity-savvy audience and Keds looked to the web to forge an even deeper bond between the brand and Mischa's fans.
Communicate Keds' "coolness" to a generation of consumers whose associations of the brand are anything but. Weave together creative assets from the Mischa Barton "Be Cool" advertising campaign with exclusive, web-only content to create a cohesive seasonal story.
The microsite provides extensive behind-the-scenes content from the photo shoot, a preview of the season's styles, and interactive features that explore "what's cool." Video, audio, and lots of Flash combine to create a completely immersive brand experience.

Upon launch, the microsite generated a 300% increase in traffic over a previous version with much of the traffic coming from viral buzz created by Mischa fans. Subsequent seasons saw additional double digit increases and the volume of click-through sales has sky-rocketed. The microsite has won many industry awards and has been well-featured in the internet marketing and design press, including being lauded as a gold standard in how to reach the youth market without pandering.
  • Relationship management
  • Creative concept
  • Visual design
  • Flash development and production
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Keds Fall 2005 Microsite