Keeping Cool
After three successful seasons of one-off "Be Cool" microsites, Keds knew it had found an ideal way to connect with its target customers. Wanting to create more of a two-way conversation, Keds asked for more email capture opportunities and for more interactive features to generate buzz and "sticky-ness." What had been another piece of collateral had now become a central component of the brand's marketing strategy.
Using the previous Mischa Barton microsites as a jumping off point, turn up the dial to provide a more immersive and interactive brand environment. Mix creative assets from the "Be Cool" Malibu campaign with exclusive, web-only content to create a cohesive seasonal story. Provide interactive features to engage the target audience and inspire a personal connection with the products.
The Spring '07 microsite picks up the Keds "Be Cool" narrative with more exclusive content, sweepstakes, and interactive features, including a quiz featuring the season's quirky Eleanor Grosche collection. Other designer and musician collaborations are also featured and a timeline of the brand's milestones demonstrate that Keds has always been at the forefront of cool. Designed to be easily repurposed, the microsite has been updated and used for each of the last four seasons' collections and campaigns.
  • Relationship management
  • Creative concept
  • Visual design
  • Flash development and production
  • Design and production oversight of subsequent seasonal versions
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Keds Spring 2007 Microsite