Walking the Walk
An interactive design studio with a reputation for appropriate solutions and high-end design, mediumbold faced quite a challenge in creating its own website. The site needed to reflect the studio's brand perfectly, communicate its capabilities and approach, and embody mediumbold's high standards for content, design, and development.
Create a neutral canvas upon which to showcase the studio's client work. At the same time, convey mediumbold's unique brand personality—creative excellence balanced by strategic thinking.
As so often happens, the website redesign project was instrumental in helping mediumbold articulate its own brand. Precisely focused content positions the studio at the intersection of interactive design and strategy while the visual design perfectly reflects the studio's spare and nuanced design aesthetic. Built entirely in Flash for maximum control of the experience, the site employs a limited color palette, generous white space, and a system of bold and delicate type that references the "healthy tension" inherent in mediumbold's brand.
  • Creative direction
  • Concept development
  • Interface design
  • Flash implementation
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